Blog Challenge #1: Observing Citizen Kane

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There are a lot of interesting techniques used in the scene where Kane signs the papers of his surrender. First there is the size difference between the three actors – one is very close to the camera, the next further away and lastly there is Kane that is the furthest from the camera yet looks the biggest while standing and the focus is on him when he is centered in the frame. The echoing of Kane’s voice as he walks across the room to the window shows the distance between the actors and the window appears a normal size until Kane walks over to it. With the use of deep focus, we then realize the window’s actual size when Kane stand under it. In this scene, Kane walks along the center of the frame on the z axis and this keeps the viewer’s eye on him, even if he isn’t the one speaking. This technique is used repeatedly throughout the movie.

Every time this technique was used, as far as I can remember, the focus is on Kane but towards the end there is another scene where his wife leaves and she walks along the z axis of the frame. I thought that was interesting because it was the first time someone finally took the attention off of Kane which I felt really reflected the scene well. I really like this technique because it really helps enforce that Kane is always the center of attention, thus in the center of the frame even if he isn’t the one speaking, except for when the one time his wife takes that attention and power from him.


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